20+ Creative Logos with Hidden Messages

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Creating a creative logo is always challenging job for every graphic designer. Some of the famous brand logos were created with hidden messages in it.

This post is showcasing 20+ creative logo designs with hidden images and messages. Look at and let us know about your favorite ones?

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Logo With Hidden Messages

1. Coffee Chat

Coffee Chat Logo Design

2. Wine Tree

Wine Tree Logo Design

3. Cloud Tunes

Cloud Tunes Logo Design

4. Slow Motion

Slow Motion Logo Design

5. the Half Ass Brewing Co

The Half Ass Brewing Co Logo Design

6. Wiesinger Music

Wiesinger Music Logo Design

7. Bread

Bread Logo Design

8. Idea

Idea Logo Design

9. Killed

Killed Logo Design

10. Families

Families Logo Design

11. Ed’S Electric

11. Ed'S Electric

12. Giraffe

Giraffe Logo Design

13. City Harvest

City Harvest Logo Design

14. Exit

Exit Logo Design

15. Eight

Eight Logo Design

16. Turn

Turn Logo Design

17. Summit Dry Cleaning

Summit Dry Cleaning Logo Design

18. Bowling Shoe

Bowling Shoe Logo Design

19. BarCode

BarCode Logo Design

20. Morning Wood

Morning Wood Logo Design

21. BBQ Notes

BBQ Notes Logo Design

22. London London

London London Logo Design

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