About Thinknearn

Think And Earn. Simple.

Simple!!! You Ask? Yes, if you want to make money online and do not get distracted by other things in life, there is no way you cannot reach your target for making income online.

Hello There! Welcome to Think ā€˜Nā€™ Earn, brief (sometimes detailed) blogs on my experiences online. I started using internet couple of years ago and learnt about blogs a few years after that. Blogs used to be something people used to share their joys or sorrows with friends and family. There used to be closely knit groups of people online who would scribble down a few lines online for their near ones to read. This would be very convenient than phones or emails.

Blogging phenomena has caught up in the last few years, and they have evolved as new kind of media. Blogs have become major part of making and breaking news. Celebrity news, scandals, sports news ā€“ you name it, everything is available online!

Blogging has brought forward many great writers who are popular in blogosphere.  I follow blogs like problogger, seo-hacker, socialmediaexaminer, searchenginejournal and many more.

I welcome you all to join my community and express your opinions fully in the form of comments or via my contact form.