Blogging can do more!

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I realized that a few months ago. Yes, you can actually¬†make money by blogging, and see the real money pouring in your bank account. I came to know about that a few months ago, but I was only aware of adsense by then. For those, who don’t know about adsense, I will have another post detailing about adsense and how you can get an account.

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I used to visit popular forums like webtoolhub, sitepoint and digitalpoint, just for reading stuff. I did not have any blogs of my own then. I stumbled into affiliate forums, and after reading many posts there, I realized that people were making tons of money by putting affiliate links in their interestingly addictive blogs.

You can also try some of the popular affiliate networks. Some of the most popular ones are clickbooth, neverblue ads and clickbank. There are many more that you can try.

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