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Pinterest For Social Media Marketing

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Pinterest for Social Media MarketingPinterest, a newest form of social media marketing, is a picture sharing platform where you create category based boards to pin pictures to.

You can also pin videos, discussion groups and monetary gifts. Each pinned item can be clicked on to open into a larger picture of the item. Visitors can comment and create discussions. Each pin can be liked or re-pinned to a board on the visitor’s Pinterest profile.

It is getting very popular and is even discussed among Facebook and Twitter users. And why not – you can link your accounts. This is a very smart concept that gets lot of exposure and visibility. Because of this reason, Pinterest platform has become a social media marketing phenomena.

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How does Pinterest work?

As of now, Pinterest is invitation based. After you apply for an account, you will get an email from Pinterest. After creating your profile, you will be able to setup your account. You can also install a “pin it” interface to your browser. When you see something you like, you can pin that directly to one of your boards. The social media aspect of Pinterest is that you can choose to follow other’s boards and your friends or business associates can choose to follow your boards. You can also “tag” people and add comments. You can also “repin” posts from someone else’s board if it interests you.

Some Facts about Pinterest

Here are some cool facts about Pinterest and why you should use it as social media marketing.

Pinterest is Boards based

Boards are kind of categories where you name your board according to your interests. For example, you can create a board, Cute Dresses where you pin cute dresses that you find online. Similarly, if you love desserts, you can make different board named “Desserts” and pin your favorite desserts and maybe recipes.

Follow and get followed

If someone likes your boards and pins, they can start following your boards. This way whichever images you pin, they also get to see them. This is a great way to share your interests. You can also follow other people and see what they pin and like.

Pinterest is all about images

If you do not have pictures on your website, you may have to add something visually appealing. Pick visually interesting or curious pictures to pin.

Pin all that you can

Only keep pinning items from your website may not take you far. Be generous and pin other interesting things you find on other websites. It is recommended that you pin yours as well other interesting visuals from others.

Pinterest is women oriented

Like any other social media website, more women visit Pinterest as compared to men. Just like Google+ has more male oriented traffic. So, it makes sense to figure out what kind of demographics should be focused on Pinterest.

You can’t get enough of Pinterest

People who start using Pinterest spend an average of 15 minutes each day “pinning”. Also, because “pinning” can be done as Pinterest users roam the web, there are chances that this number may be under-reported. Although this is still less than the average 23 minutes spent on Facebook, it’s a remarkable time commitment for a relatively new platform.

Pinterest has lot of following as of now. This is great from search engine point of view. Links are followed by Google so make sure to take advantage of this social media marketing tool.

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