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Sandbox Effect – Is your site trapped?

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Sandbox Effect is basically a standard followed by Google Search Engine to rank the newly registered domains. It has been observed that until Google feels the stability of certain website for couple of months and deems it appropriate to start ranking, the site is not indexed in the search engine.

Many believe that Google utilized this sandbox effect to cut down on rampant spamming, to discourage spam websites. Most of these websites were eventually banned, but still they somehow managed to create new websites and rank high for some particular keywords for couple of weeks. Sandbox Effect helps getting rod of the spam websites, while the ones that continue to improve and make regular changes to the contents, start appearing in the search engine rankings at some point.

You can check if your site is in the Google sandbox or indexed already by using this position finder tool.

If you do become victim of this practice, do not wait and watch. Take action. Here are some tips you can try to improve your chances to remove your site from the sandbox effect:

  • Avoid deep linking your posts in your web page. Limit them to at the most 3rd level linking. Chances are crawlers stop searching at this level and your posts won’t get indexed.
  • Revise your meta tags, title, loading time and overall web page optimization. Make sure to put content=”index,follow” or content=”noindex,nofollow” in the web page headers indicating to the crawlers which pages should be shouldn’t be indexed.
  • Check your robots.txt file to verify that you have not blocked any bots or crawlers.
  • Add your site url to Google so that it can begin the re-indexing process.
  • Check other websites in the same niche as yours to see what additions and changes they are making to look fresh and attracting visitors.
  • Analyze your website to check for the keywords that you would like your site to rank well in Google. Do not do keyword stuffing though.
  • Remove duplicate or invalid pages from your website that are still in Google’s index.
  • Keep doing on and off page optimization.

Remember, sandbox effect does not have to be painful.  You can well utilize this time to improve and establish your website. And if done correctly, your site will be re-indexed in the search engine again.

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