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The Anatomy of a Web Designer – An Infographic

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The people at UK web hosting company Heart Internet wanted to find out what web designers think of their jobs, their perspectives and the industry as a whole. As 5oo designers had their say, the results may well be seen as at least not totally out of range. Let’s take a look at the key findings.

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One of the more eyebrow-raising results of the survey included how 88% of web designers say that their clients often underestimate the cost of web design. We also saw how web designers are predicting a tough 12 months ahead, with three out of four saying that work will get no easier to find next year, and 79% saying that prices are falling due to increased competition.

There are some more interesting findings to explore. Click on the following image for a full size view:

the anatomy of a web designer infographic

the anatomy of a web designer infographic

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Heart Internet UK

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