WordPress Amazon Associate PlugIn – For Amazon Affiliates

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Amazon LogoI have a few websites where I review Amazon Products. It was real pain to insert the Amazon Affiliate text and image links in those posts. Many a times, I lost revenue just because I did not have those affiliate links in my posts. Sounds familiar?

If yes, then you too need a plugin that automatically inserts links in your posts.

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While doing my research, I came across WordPress Amazon Associate PlugIn that does the job for you. It allows you to easily insert links and Amazon widgets with your associate ID into your posts and sidebar of your blog. You can even insert links and images in individual blog posts.

Here is how it works.

Note: This is for WordPress blogs, I do not know if something similar is available for Blogger.

  • Login to Your Amazon Associates account, assuming you already have one. If you do not have an account, you can join Amazon Associates and apply for one;
  • Sign up for Amazon Web Services (AWS);
  • Once you are signed up, click on “Manage Your Account” or Security Credentials;
  • Click on Access Credentials, you will see your unique “Access Key” and Show for “Security Key”;
  • Go to Show to access your Security Key;
  • Now, you have the two values you are required to fill in the WordPress-Amazon-Associate PlugIn
  • Over to your blog now,
  • Install the WordPress-Amazon-Associate plugin to your WordPress blog. Once activated, it will show up in your left menu sidebar.

Wordpress Amazon Associate PlugIn

  • Click on Settings, and add your Associate Tag. If you are in North America, it should have 20 at the end of your Associate Tag
  • Next you have to fill Amazon Web Services Settings. This is where you have to fill in the Access Key and Security Key, the values we obtained from Amazon Web Services after loggin into Amazon Associates Account. Click on “Update Settings”. Once you insert the correct values, they will be verified for validation.

Amazon Web Services Settings

  • That’s it. You are ready to insert Amazon Text and Widgets in your blog postings.
  • You will see an additional tag in your editor. In your widgets area, you will see additional options to add Amazon Widgets.

Amazon Associate in Editor

So, go ahead. Add those Amazon Text Links and Amazon Widgets. Do not leave any money on the table!

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